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Author/Date New features : new filter, new order for contacts,..
20/09/2004 12:23pm

I use i.scribe since a few day and find that's a very good mail programm : simple, efficient.

for the next version, why not this new features :

* create a new filter action to make a copy of mail received or send in a folder (i.scribe can make a move but not a copy)

* possibility to write text in bold, underline, with color or bullet,...

* possibility when I write a mail to select the contact with an order by name and not by vorname,



20/09/2004 12:36pm
- Move action: yeah sounds feasible.

- Rich text editing: bit hard for a cross platform client. I've tried several times to write a new control for composing but failed everytime.

- Add contact window sorting: I never use that window... I think you mean 'surname' right? Ummm I'll think about it. But seriously I'd just type in part of the name straight into the recipients list and then right click to sort out any duplicate results.
20/09/2004 2:07pm
Thanks for your response.

My english is very bad and I don't understand your response to my first question. What's will say "- Move action: yeah sounds feasible." ?


20/09/2004 2:11pm
That I think the idea is worthwhile and I'll probably implement it when I get time.