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Author/Date Ham folder not hamming anymore?
Justin Heiner
20/09/2004 5:49am
Hey, I've been having some problems in the last while with the "ham" folder i set up for bayesian filtering.

Since bayesian filtering has been implemented, when a ham gets marked as spam, I would throw it in a special "ham" folder i created and rebuild the word lists. After that, I would receive all e-mails from that address in my inbox, like is supposed to happen.

Anyways, Since test 20 (i think that was when it started), the ham folder doesn't seem to be doing any good. I have a list that I subscribe to that I've tried numerous times to mark as not spam, and rebuilt word lists numerous times and all the e-mails are still getting filtered as spam.
Justin Heiner
27/09/2004 5:57am
Any word on this one? It's beginning to get annoying :-) I went from like 99% accuracy to about 80% accuracy (marking non-spam as spam)