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Author/Date wildcards
19/09/2004 9:32pm
Is it posible to use wildcard in InScribe, either in the whitelist or in redirection filters? Can I have everyone from a certain domain redirected to a different "school folder?"
20/09/2004 1:07am
Whitelist wildcards: Yes

Redirection filters: As in "Reply" and "Forward"? Currently they only support hard coded values, but I added the ability to forward to a DOM field over the weekend so you can pick out some data from the email to use as the forwarding address. This is handy if the forward address is say in the body of the message as a internet header field, you can then use the mail.body[field] syntax to extract that. I don't understand how wildcards could apply here though.

Redirect to a folder: If you use the "like" operator in the filter then you can specify wildcards in the value. e.g. mail.from Like "*" would probably do what you want.
20/09/2004 2:58am
Actually I was thinking more about putting mail from a certain domain in individual folders. I have a folder named 'school.' Can I create a filter to put every email from (Arizona State University) to that folder...* That's more along the lines of what I meant. If not it might be good for future versions :)
20/09/2004 2:59am
Of course it might help if I read the whole message... d'oh.