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19/09/2004 6:51pm
1) When a Contacts sub folder is selected, a new contact created via the toolbar button is put in the main Contacts folders not the selected folder (this may be by design).

2) You cannot right click the right hand pane to create a new contact, only the left hand folder list pane (again this may be by design).
20/09/2004 1:02am
Yes both of these things are just how I expect it to work.

Do other clients behave differently?
Robert Bleeker
20/09/2004 8:11am
I was hoping for the same feature, of course being able to sub-group the contacts is already a nice feature.

** another for the list is when you right click on the address and select "Add to Contacts", it would be awesome if it then asked you what contacts folder you wanted it stored in......

.....aaah, just dreaming. :-)