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Author/Date Updating InScribe
19/09/2004 12:36pm
I have attempted to update InScribe to the latest version by taking a copy
of my Inscribe folder and then unzipping the latest version over the top.

However once this is done:
the software key is missing from the options dialog;
only one account is enabled;
only one identity is enabled.

Even after entering the software key and closing and re-opening InScribe this same problems occur.

What am I doing wrong?
20/09/2004 1:01am
Sounds like you install i.Scribe over your InScribe install.

Check the title bar, it'll tell you which one your running.

In that case you need to go and grab the inscribe zip from the inscribe download site.
20/09/2004 10:17am
Did as you suggested and surprise surprise it works!