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17/09/2004 11:54pm
I would like to see InScribe be able to send spam right to the trash. Right now there really is no point to the filter, we have to manually delete every one. Or, at least, give us the ability to empty the spam folder from the context menu
18/09/2004 3:01am
The user defined filters have a "Delete As Spam" action and the bayesian filter automatically deletes as spam in live mode.

So as far as I'm aware InScribe can delete as spam from all types of filters.
18/09/2004 4:03am
I'm not sure exactly what you mean. I know that is there but I don't know what it does or how its supposed to help.
18/09/2004 10:45am
You mean that you don't want to keep the spam around forever?

Yeah well thats in the works but with the current implementation of the spam filter it needs to keep the spam around.
Mike Green
18/09/2004 11:27am
Sounds as if it's not clear to n8chavez how Bayesian filtering works, and how it works as implemented in InScribe. i.e. that maintaining a set of data differentiating spam and ham is the basis for allocating incoming mail appropriately. Personally, unless it's possible to be 100% certain (literally 100%) that any given mail is spam I would not want such a filter to actually hard-delete, or even move to trash, a supposed spam item.

For anyone happy with that behaviour, however, why not make the Spam folder invisible (as an option) thus making spam, to all intents and purposes, disappear, which would solve the problem for n8chavez? Obviously, it wouldn't sort out the disk space issue, but it doesn't sound to me as if that's the concern.
18/09/2004 4:49pm
I think I do not how Bayesian filtering are analized and then words are added to both the good and bad lists. rom thee the probability of spam is calculated using both lists (excluding common words because there are added to both lists and cancel each other out). This might be just me, but why can't that analysis take place when you push the 'spam' button? I guess I don't really understand why the spam needs to stay in its own folder all the time. I guess you could make the folder invisible but I would prefer sending it straight to the trash, or better yet deleting in directly from the server. I'm new to InScribe, and while I find it to be an excellent client, the way it handes spam is akward.

Hopefully it will be improved in version 2...whenever that'll be? (please, with a cherry on top!!!)
Justin Heiner
18/09/2004 6:37pm
Actually, the way it handles spam is pretty good! The only thing that could be improved (for some people) is a wordlist that doesn't rely on an existing spam folder that contains the entire content of your spam when it rebuilds.

However, the way it is implemented is good for me, when certain things start getting marked as spam when they're not, i can go through and find out why, and then rebuild the list correctly.
18/09/2004 6:51pm
I just think it's awkward that you have to keep spam on your computer rather than getting rid of it. This might address your concerns...what if there was a 'not spam' button? We already have the 'spam' button that scans the email and adds the words to the appropriate list. Why not a ''not spam' button? Other clients have them. That way you would be able to train the filter, telling it that a certain message isn't spam, while being able to get rid of spam. This has to go with the idea that spam doesn't need to be kept in a folder to be recognized or else there's no point to a 'not spam' button.

Oh well...just a few ideas.
18/09/2004 10:21pm
I plan to make the word counts incremental in the future, which would allow you to delete the spam from the spam folder and still maintain the word counts. At the moment to mark something as "not spam" you just leave it in a normal mail folder (ie not in /Spam).

So I think you'll get your wish when that happens.