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Tarek Alaaeddin
16/09/2004 3:26pm
I am just wondering if anyone has this problem, but for some reason, I am not able to save the ESMTP password. I key in the username and password, and then click on OK.. And only username gets saved, password never get saved. Anybody aware of this issue? I am using the 1.87 build, which is the latest..

Any help is appreciated, if nothing worked then i will consider using a different email client, because right now, I am not able to send emails to anybody who is domain is different than mine.
16/09/2004 9:52pm
The password is saved. However it doesn't show up in the settings dialog the next time you look at it. This is because programs can read the password even if the user can't because of the '******'s.

Try the connection and see what happens in the log section of the status panel on the main window.
Tarek Alaaeddin
20/09/2004 4:41pm
I still get an error the message been rejected by the server. SO I am assuming that the password not saved. Because when using outlook this works. And I try to send a message to the same email address.. Any suggestions?
20/09/2004 10:21pm
Well for starters I'd open the status panel after trying to receive, select the account and then click on the log tab. If you right click on the log entries you can copy them to the clipboard and then send them to me or post them here.

That'll help us see what the problem is.
Tarek Alaaeddin
20/09/2004 10:32pm
I really appreciate ur help. Here is what I got from the log file.

EHLO default
HELO default
250 ok
553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)
20/09/2004 10:45pm
Whats happening here is that the EHLO response lists all the features the SMTP server supports. And it should have included "AUTH" as one of the features, if it had Scribe would have logged you in using the ESMTP user/pass that you entered. But because it didn't report that it supported "AUTH" then it assumes the server is not ESMTP enabled and so the server doesn't trust you.

Maybe whats needed here is code to force the use of AUTH despite the server's response.

But I think I tried that before and it didn't work for some [other] people. *sigh*

20/09/2004 11:11pm
I've changed some things in the code and put a test build here. Let me know how it goes if you try it.
Tarek Alaaeddin
21/09/2004 5:19am
I really appreciate u getting back to me.. This what I got....

EHLO default
502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)
Tarek Alaaeddin
21/09/2004 5:20am
By the way I tried ur new test code...I downloaded from the link u provided.
Again I appreciate your cooperation on this.
21/09/2004 5:24am
Ok ok. The server is now complaining that a) you didn't login and b) the prefered method of logging in is not implemented.

Well what to do... I guess all that is left is maybe trying the "PLAIN" mode of authentication.

The server is definately a badly implemented peice of ****. But hey, we don't live in a perfect world. And I'm _sure_ someone has had to write some arcane peice of code to cope with a bug in Scribe so... I'll switch the order of AUTH types to try in the vain hope that maybe the PLAIN mode will work for you.
Tarek Alaaeddin
21/09/2004 3:37pm
I agree it seems like it is a not very friendly server....:)

Let me know what u want me to do.....
Tarek Alaaeddin
21/09/2004 6:15pm
So do u want me to do anything now? And how can i switch to the "plain" mode of authentication?

Let me know.
23/09/2004 1:03pm
New test build here.

I've changed the order of the auth types... maybe it'll work now. *fingers-crossed*