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Author/Date Lost a folder and all the emails in it!
11/09/2004 2:15pm
I was adding in a new sub-folder -- that worked as normal;
then I went to move it up into positition and instead of
getting the normal window for 'below or right' location;
iScribe popped up some kind of an error message and deleted
the folder above the one I was moving along with a lot of
important emails.

So now how do I get it back?
11/09/2004 9:10pm
See the section called "Damaged Folders" in the Trouble Shooting Guide
15/09/2004 9:31am
I ran the Dump before the post -- should have included that in the 1st. posting.
Only thing it did was give me two inboxes.....
One was empty so all my current inbox emails were gone.
The second inbox had email from a year ago.
And the Missing folder that I need is not there.
15/09/2004 10:00am
Yes the missing folder is probably gone.. but I'd be looking in the "Orphaned Email" folder (if any?) for the missing email.