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Author/Date [feature reg] Calender format
04/09/2004 10:26am
Here are some feature I miss in the calender:

It would be nice if I could change the startday of the week to monday and I could change the time format to 24:00 (we don't use am/pm in europe)

04/09/2004 1:12pm
The monday thing is on the todo list. The date format is in the appearence options isn't it?
Rytis Umbrasas
06/09/2004 7:54am
Does anyone thinks, that date format separator "/" would be nice to change for some countries to another?

In my country date format is yyyy-mm-dd, but now we can use just yyyy/dd/mm
So date separator could be in translation file, if its not so hard to make make it.

Nice to hear, that will be posibility to make Monday first day of the week in the future. It will be usefull for Baltic states too.


07/09/2004 6:54pm
The time-format is correct when I'm booking a meeting (ex. 15:00), but when you look at the "day-format-layout-calender" after that, then it is in am/pm.