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Author/Date Failed Logon bug
27/08/2004 4:12pm
Inscribe v1.87 Test 18

If I type in my password incorrectly Inscribe still shows the accounts in the status window.
From there I can preview (right click) an account and DELETE mails from the subsequent dialog, even though I am not logged on correctly.
The toolbar buttons are correcly disabled.

Minor bug
Login dialog cuts off lower section of buttons

Feature request
Use a key-disk instead of a password, in a similar manner to KeePass
30/08/2004 12:07am
I think what your seeing is that Scribe still has your real password. Not sure why, but maybe it's not saving the incorrectly typed one or something. I'll try it this end and see if I can determine if there is a bug.
30/08/2004 10:21am
The same thing happens if I don't enter any password and Cancel the dialog.
31/08/2004 12:35am
If you don't enter anything and the "Remember Password" option is still checked then it keeps your old password. To remove the password uncheck "Remember Password" and then hit "Ok".