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Author/Date MoveThing does not move mail
05/03/2017 3:34am
It seems that MoveThing() is not moving mail to a different folder. I've got a filter with print statements on either side of a MoveThing() call and the console indicates that both print statements are executed but the mail doesn't move. I've got numerous scripts using MoveThing and none of them are working.
05/03/2017 9:08am
It's probably got to do with the arguments you are supplying. I recently changed the code that implements the scripting method to accept either a pointer to a folder object OR a string path to a folder. However if you have an old version it's probably expecting just a pointer to the folder.

In any case it's worth emailing me your code so I can see what you're trying to do and maybe help resolve the problem.

So just to clarify the syntax:
MoveThing(DestFolder, SourceObject);
Where DestFolder is either a Folder object OR a string containing a valid path to a folder.
And SourceObject is a pointer to an email or other 'Thing' object (calendar event, contact, group, filter etc).
05/03/2017 9:09am
FYI I just added some more logging inside that method that will spit out error messages to the console. At least that should help in the future.