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Author/Date [Error report] Storage2 Error
09/08/2004 5:37pm
InScribe had served me well for months, then this morning, I started to get the following error when I am receiving mail and when trying to add an event to the calendar:

----------(send/receive error)
Storage2 Error
Storage failed to weite the object to disk

OS error code: 5 (0x5)

----------(calendar error)
Storage2 Error
Storage failed to write the object to disk
Object Write size mismatch:

Header: 23
Byte Written: 0
Diff: -23
Type: aaff000b
Any ideas?

Oh, and the links to the debug dlls are also broken (although I did get find them elsewhere).

OS: Win98
Inscribe v.1.87 (Test18)

Thanks for your help.


Matthew Allen
10/08/2004 1:33am
To be honest this sounds a lot like you've run out of disk space on the drive hosting the mail folders. Could this be the case?

Basically whats happening here is that Scribe is asking the operating system to write bytes into the folders file and the operating system returned the error "Access is denied" which is a bit misleading unless maybe the folders are read only.

So for whatever reason Scribe can't write to the folders. I'm not sure who's at fault here. But my money is on the operating system. Btw I have seen Win98 refuse to write to the folders for no good reason at all. It's pretty flaky, and when I ungraded to Win2k I never saw that error again. YMMV.
10/08/2004 2:06am
Thanks for the reply. I have about 5.4 Gb left on the drive, so I don't think that running out of space is the problem (whatever Win98 may think).
I'll try to move stuff around and see if the OS starts to 'play nice' again.
Thanks again.

Matthew Allen
10/08/2004 4:16am
I will mention that one thing that helped me was to empty the trash in Scribe and then compact the folders (on the file menu). This reduced the folder size and then things mysteriously started working again. But that was a long time ago in a land far far away ;)