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Author/Date filter: 'delete from server' - is working?
24/01/2017 3:38am
I can not make filter for 'delete from server'
I set it. I try to turn on/off 'Internal Filter'
as for me - it isn't working

PLS see on it, as you have time
24/01/2017 9:25am
Ok I'll see if I can replicate the issue here..
06/03/2017 8:25am
Sorry I haven't looked at this yet. Been busy with other things. However I did just add it to my internal spreadsheet of issues and gave it a high priority.
30/04/2017 6:44pm
I had a look at this today and I can't reproduce it.

The feature works like this:
- A POP3 account connects and downloads email.
- A filter matches one or more new mail and one of the actions has "delete: server" set. This marks the email for deletion on the NEXT connection.
- At some point in the future (either automatically or manually) the POP account goes online and after downloading any new email it deletes anything marked by the filter (or expired via a number of days setting).

If that is not your understanding and you don't see that, then maybe there is still an issue but it needs some condition to manifest.

The filter action "delete on server" is not relevant for IMAP. In that it won't have any effect.
06/05/2017 1:02am
Thanks. I will see on it. Maybe You are right