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09/08/2004 10:28am
I have problems with loading images in HTML email.
The Scribe_Html.dll is in the i.Scribe directory. HTML emails are shown correctly in general, but instead of images there is only a red cross.
Is there any parameter to influence that?
09/08/2004 11:39am
If you want to use Scribe_Html.dll, you have to load it via the File->Plugins window. It will show images, but it's insecure because it's Internet Explorer.

If you don't load it, Scribe uses it's internal HTML control. This does not load images ever. Because loading content over the network is a security issue. Spammers use it to track which email addresses are valid.

So your probably using the built in control at this point.
09/08/2004 11:44am
Thanks a lot!
10/08/2004 7:34am
I tried to register the plugin, but it didn't work.
Error message: Operating system couldn't load the library file.
After this message the DLL is shown in the list but doesn't have an effect on showing images in html emails.
Do you have any idea why? Thanks ...
I use version 1.87 Test 17.
30/08/2004 12:13am
You might have the wrong version of the plugin. You probably want: