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Author/Date Exporting contact information from Saleslogix
06/08/2004 3:40pm
I need to get into Saleslogix and export basic contact information over the next few days.

I am a novice with Saleslogix but computer literate and have worked extensively with ACT, Outlook, Goldmine, etc.

The data will ultimately be imported to ACT 6.0 so that would be step 2. But the priority right now is exporting from Saleslogix which I don't know how to do.

Then can someone tell me what the data will look like and how Scribe will help with the import to ACT 6.0 and what the cost of Scribe would be, etc.

07/08/2004 1:36am
Do you know what format the export from SL is?

Do you have an example that you could send me?

If you want features implemented then I'd suggest emailing me with the details of what you want and I'll work out how much effort is needed.