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Author/Date Sending a from by e-mail
Carlos Rocha
05/08/2004 11:45pm

I want to send a form by e-mail (by clicking 'submit' button in a web page).
I use ' text'

If OE is the default mail client, the browser (opera) opens it with an empty message, the correct subject, and one attachement (a text file with the form data). Using Scribe there is no attachement.
Anything I can do?
Matthew Allen
06/08/2004 12:15am
This will be some incompatibility on the command line arguments that Opera is passing the attachment through to Scribe. I wonder what arguments Opera is calling Scribe with?

Is there some way we can find out other than me having to do a special build?

Surely there is some app somewhere that just captures command line arguments and displays them? You could rename that to look like Scribe and see what happens.
Carlos Rocha
06/08/2004 1:38am
Just figured out that using IE and Thunderbird as default mail client the problem is the same. It seems that only works with OE.
I have to find another way.
Glad that's not Scribe fault :)
Matthew Allen
06/08/2004 1:43am
If the command line argument that Opera is using doesn't clash with any existing arguments then I don't have a problem supporting that as well.