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07/12/2016 6:53pm
Hi, I have some suggestions/feature wishes:

1. Support for Exchange email (maybe it's already integrated but didn't find it)

2. Support for synchronisation of calender and contacts with exchange Accounts. (CalDAV ?)

3. Support for additional .ics Calender files downloaded from internet (e.g. holidays etc.). Best with automatic download from internet if changed from last program start.

4. Addition of necessary fields to comply with 2. (e.g. birthday etc.)

5. Addition of notes that comply with 2. and can also be synchronised with an exchange account.

6. Synchornisation of Todo lists with exchange account

I know, a lot wishes :-)

I use my email on several devices: mobile, tablet, computer.
It is possible to download emails to each device and leave copies on the server, so no problem here. But synchronisation of contacts and calenders and notes would be very hellpful to have the same data on each device.

It is possible on iPhone, Synchronisation of contacts an calenders is possible with thunderbird (use of add-ons though). It is possible with Android (haven't tried it yet, but will soon).
My Hosting service offers synchronisation of stuff over their servers. So this gives enough security for me.

Of course synchronisation with Google calender or would also be nice for some users I guess, but this is not on my priority.