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Author/Date InScribe v2.1.26 crashes when displaying To field
23/11/2016 12:34am
I have an email, that I will send to you, that crashes InScribe when the To field is enabled in Just Folders and List mode. If I disable the To field, then InScribe does not crash. There is something funky in the To field that InScribe does not like.
23/11/2016 10:01am
Ok I reproduced that here. Which means it's probably straight forward to fix.

I'm still trying to get it release ready, but the multi-mail-store stuff is taking longer than I'd like, specifically making sure that replies, forwards and spam get put in the right mail store by default in relation to their source email.

Hopefully that gets sorted tonight and I can make a release.
24/11/2016 12:13am
Try v2.1.27

It might be worse... might be better. Haven't done much testing. But it should address this issue.
24/11/2016 11:04pm
This problem has been resolved as was a similar problem that I had before.