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Author/Date filter fails to completely move mail between mail stores
08/11/2016 11:15am
I have a filter that moves mail from one mail store to another.
I select an email and then press F8 to run filters.
The mail disappears from the list and shows up in the list of the other mail store. When I reselect the original folder of the "moved" mail, the mail has reappeared. It gets copied but not deleted.
The following appears in the script console:
.\Code\Store3Mail3\Mail3Store.cpp:522 - Saving 0AC9D8D0:44069 to Trash (550 items)
08/11/2016 10:23pm
Furthermore, if I:
- move the mail from the target folder to a different folder (call it archive) in the same mail store as the target, before applying the filter
- apply the filter
- viewing the target folder shows the mail in the target folder
- going to the archive folder shows the mail in the archive folder
- going back to the target folder shows that the mail is gone.
- going to the archive folder shows the mail is still in the archive folder

It looks like the mail is superficially moved from the visible list but the storage is not moved.
14/11/2016 12:30pm
After the filter operates, the mail exists in both mail stores. When I mark the mail with a colour, both instances of the mail get marked with this colour.

After shutting down and restarting, the mail sometimes disappears from the original mail store, but sometimes doesn't. I haven't been able to determine a consistent pattern.

This is a very frustrating problem as my inbox has over a thousand messages in it and I can't seem to sort them with filters. It's creating phantoms which may or may not disappear. I don't know which ones are real and which ones will disappear when I restart.
14/11/2016 12:52pm
I'll have a look at this tonight.
14/11/2016 2:35pm
Furthermore, when I drag a mail to another mail store, the label is lost.
14/11/2016 2:35pm
Thanks for taking a look.
25/11/2016 7:57am
The label thing is fixed for the next build.