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20/07/2004 7:05pm
Just curious if any progress has been made in respect to making skinning with LGI in scribe easier yet. (i.e. without coding it yourself).

20/07/2004 8:25pm
Not as yet. I've been busy fixing bugs. Bugs first... features later.

I do have a little interest from users for openning up the skinning to a wider audience. I'd like to maybe support some existing format for skins or something so that it already has a user base and existing skins. The stardock stuff is nice. I'll have to see if they publish there file format somewhere.
Paul S.
03/08/2004 1:38am
If skins had the variety and imagination of say, Trillian skins I'd sample them; however, if, like Mozilla, they resemble a chrome car bumper or a piece of candy I'm less interested.
Matthew Allen
03/08/2004 1:55am
At first I thought you meant like Sonique's skinning, and started to go into cardic arrest ;) But I think all your saying is that you want to skin the window decor as well as all the controls. This is fine, I can DO window decor, probably better than most. I worked for a company for a while doing decor skinning and I got very VERY good at it. I still smile when I see some "attempts" at decor skinning and I know they didn't get it right.