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19/07/2004 10:02pm
i.scribe is downloading all the emails and then filtering them. Is it possible to filter(delete) on server before downloading the mail?
20/07/2004 3:41am
Hi Bob,

I think you just missed one of the major features of Scribe. You use the preview (messages on the pop-server), make your pick on downloading and/or deleting messages on the server and you're all set! Easy as Scribe :-)
20/07/2004 8:22pm
Bob: Currently you can't create a server side filter. I've been resisting this because it's quite ineffient unless the message is quite large. It causes the headers to be downloaded twice, which I don't like on principle. And of course the pop viewer does give the software manual functionality in that area.

But then I guess if I was on dial up I'd probably care more right?

The other annoying thing is that I'd have to change quite a lot of code to allow server side filtering. Which is not really that appealing while I'm trying to get the software stable. So it's not something I could do straight away, I'll put it on my "nice to have" list ok?
21/07/2004 12:40am
Thank you for your comments.