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15/05/2002 6:52am
I've been looking for a small, simple "paint" program for a while now. It's looking like this will do nicely. In the 10 minutes I've played with it, it's looking like I'll be able to use this for what I need. However, I do have a question:

My primary use will be the creation of 256-color indexed bmps that are approx 6000 x 4000 pixels (about 73 MB filesize). Are there any issues or things to note that you know of when working with this large of a file?

Thanks in advance.

15/05/2002 6:55am
As long as you have lots of RAM, no.

I for most editing operations it doesn't need to make multiple copies of the image in memory, but some will. Thus requiring 2 times the image size of RAM for decent performance. Otherwise you'll hit virtual memory and slow to a crawl.

Hope it goes ok.
15/05/2002 7:31am
I'll be running it on XP with a AMD 1Ghz w/ 512MB RAM. Hopefully it will not be to bad. I will let you know if I have problems or bugs of any sort.

Thanks again.