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Author/Date beta 22 fails to send mail
19/10/2016 11:41am
Using the latest (22) version with a default POP send account, I get the following error:
<> Error: 533 You are not authorized to send mail as <>

I get this error even when though it is configured to send through a POP account (specified in the To field) and even after disabling the gmail account.

After enabling the gmail account, I get the error when I try to send via the gmail account.
19/10/2016 1:11pm
What is set in file -> options -> accounts -> default send account?

Do any of your accounts have identity -> only send through this account set?

20/10/2016 11:32pm
The default send account is one of the pop3 accounts.
None of the "identity - Only send through this account" is set.

I had reverted to beta 9 which has no problems sending. I re-installed beta 22 and I get the 553 error without any changes to the configuration.
21/10/2016 8:10am
I think you'll need to describe your setup in more depth in a private email. Because I don't have enough info at this point to work out what has changed.

My understanding so far is you have 2 accounts:

1) ISP (pop/smtp/email address)
2) Gmail (imap?/smtp/email address)

And when creating an email with the gmail address and sending through the ISP smtp it give you this error.

Maybe you should select "only send through this account" on the gmail account to force email sent from the gmail address to go through the gmail SMTP?

Most SMTP servers allow you to send as any "from" address you like. The typical use case for multiple identities is that all outgoing email goes through the selected SMTP server (file -> options -> accounts -> default send account) which is usually the SMTP your ISP provides. If specific SMTP servers restrict the from address then you start enabling the "only send through this account" for that account.
21/10/2016 8:12am
Also adding authentication to the send tab of your ISP SMTP can give you greater permissions to use alternative "from" addresses in outgoing email.
27/10/2016 11:55am
It looks like the email is being sent on the POP account but it is giving an error on the IMAP account even though this account is also configured correctly to send email. There is still no indication icon that the email has been sent on either POP or IMAP mail.
24/11/2016 1:58pm
I fixed something that looked a lot like this in the most recent build. Let me know if it's still happening.
02/12/2016 10:38am
The reply/forward icon is displaying consistently.
Sending also seems reliable.