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Robert Bleeker
15/07/2004 2:32am

ok, i think I have exhausted all the documentation/release notes :-) & forum, but I cannot seem to work the autozip plugin.

Windows XP Pro,
InScribe v1.87 (Test17, Win32 Release)
Build: Jul 3 2004, 23:55:34

Robert B.
10/08/2004 2:48pm
I kind of have the same problem in i.Scribe, except that I get the error mesage 'Autozip operation failed'. What should I do to fix this?

SO: Win 2000
iScribe: 1.87 Test 16
12/08/2004 10:42pm
Just to answer your question Robert:

"This plugin has to be associated with the contacts you want to auto-zip attachments to. To associate this plugin with a Contact, open the Contact and select "AutoZip" in the plugins tab."