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Robert Bleeker
14/07/2004 6:23pm

I am really excited about Scribe, and happy to leave Outlook behind.

Just wondering if we can have a left lying T layout, i.e. folder list along the left side and the list-view & preview window as top/bottom next to the folder tree-view window.

I really like to constantly see my folders as emails are filtered into them and they remind me if there are new messages, while still being able to keep the preview window open. (I have about 39 folders) :-)

One other way which may be an option is to remember the message-view windows location & size, as I could place it where like it and it would rembered the settings.

Robert B.

ps. maybe I haven't found the lay-out settings yet!
Robert Bleeker
14/07/2004 6:27pm
actually the message-view window does remember location & size, but what I meant is if we could pin that window to be always on top, that would be enough for me.

Robert B.
14/07/2004 9:00pm
One should read the release notes before posting ;)

Robert Bleeker
14/07/2004 10:35pm you're talking. cheers, cant wait for the next release. :)