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Carlos Rocha
12/07/2004 3:30pm
Hi Matt,

Very good job you are doing :)

Just a question:

Scribe is my default e-mail client, and if I click a "mailto:" link Windows Scribe is open. However I downloaded a small command line utility from named MAPIsend, which should send a message with attachments through the default MAPI compliance client, and it opens Firebird (I don't use any Outlook variant for a long time, thanks to you). What can be wrong? I only use Firebird as news client. is Scribe MAPI compatible?

Thanks again, and keep the good work
PS: you should check the site, they have a few good tools
14/07/2004 9:02pm
I'll have a look into it. I know the MAPI support is pretty small, but I need some freeware apps to test it with. So this is good that I can download something and try it out.