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Rune Mathisen
12/07/2004 4:25am
I use a number of email aliases, but I have not figured out how to use them in InScribe. I would like to define each of these aliases as an identity in InScribe, but then I have to create separate accounts for each alias. If I do not fill in the required information for the receive server, InScribe will complain every time I receive mail. Looks like I have to enter my pop email server address for every alias, but the InScibe will try to receive mail for every alias I have defined (I only need to do this once, using my "true" email address). Is there something I have missed when using email aliases in InScribe, or is there a way to overcome this problem?
14/07/2004 9:07pm
Do your alias' all arrive in the one mailbox? i.e. they have the same user/pass/server details?

I'll probably need to change some things in InScribe to support this, but that's ok. I just need to understand what your trying to do and then work out a method of doing this in the software. Hopefully without changing huge amounts of code ;)

Robert Bleeker
15/07/2004 2:38am
Sound to me that Rune is looking for the "Only send through this account" tick box.

File -> Options -> Accounts -> yourAccount ->Properties -> Identity page has tick box 'Only send through this account'

that should fix Rune's issue I think.

Rune Mathisen
17/07/2004 8:17am
No, Robert, I'm rather looking for something like "do not include this account when receiving messages". If I create an account without a receive/incoming server, Scribe will popup an error message (probably useful, if someone accidentally forgets to configure an incoming server). If i had the option described above, I could create accounts for all my email aliases, and they would be available as identities in Scribe.

fReT: An email alias is an email address that automatically redirects email to another email account. I send through my default send account, and I receive from that account as well. Emails sent to any of my aliases are simply redirected to my "real" email account, the email client does not need to do anything.