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14/05/2002 9:05am
Just about all applications out there start to make their own little update features, so one of these would be neat to have in i.Scribe, having it check every startup in the background.

Could be made very light, I have extensive experience doing these type of functions, and the hard part is really remembering to keep the compare version number updated.

It could just fetch version number online, compare and if newer are online it displays a dialog box with changelog info and/or a link to the i.Scribe download page.

This is often useful when nasty bugs slips in (like in 1.65).

The super version of a feature like this would be having it autoevolve, but that's alittle overkill, even though i'd love to see it.
16/05/2002 3:13am
I think this is an excellent idea, especially since it's my inbox that's at stake I'm extra careful to keep myself up to date.
16/05/2002 10:46am
What do you mean be auto-evolve?
16/05/2002 12:47pm
If one takes one's inbox seriously, wouldn't it be better to _not_ have it auto-update? Matthew's good, but even he makes mistakes. One would think that having iScribe/InScribe automatically download a 1.65-like problem wouldn't be a Good Thing®. Personally, I prefer it manually. Then I can test it on an unimportant set of folders and not hose my real email if there's the occasional bug that crops up.
16/05/2002 8:12pm
With autoevolve I mean :
It checks in the background every time you start i.scribe, check for mail or something like that if you have the latest version, if you don't it let's you know that it's downloading the update for you, and perhaps what's new in it (if critical etc). Then when download is finished it would restart and replace itself with the newer copy.

Could be done in any degree, all from just letting you know there is a newer version (supplying you with a link to the memecode site so you can do the download etc manually) to the full autoevolve idea, but I still think it's a good idea, especially since Scribe seems to be in more or less constant development, and nasty bugs can slip in from time to time.

Having it do it 100% automatically would ofcourse be a option, I although considering myself an advanced user, would prefer the simplicity to have it completely automatic, those alittle more careful could have it turned off and just have it report new versions.

Everyone benefit from having the latest, or atleast knowing that there are new available, reduces redundant bug reports etc and provides the user with the latest and greatest all the time.
16/05/2002 8:14pm
Ohh how beutiful my grammar is =) Hope I atleast managed to get the general idea through.
17/05/2002 2:58am
I'd regard auto-evolve (or even notification alone) as an extra, non-standard functionality. I hope that Matthew received my bug report (on: Preview) so he can make Scribe more rigid instead of flashy.
17/05/2002 9:35am
Update notification is something we (Excellent E-Service) use in our software to reduce faulty bug reports about old software releases and it really decrease the amount of time we have to ask "Are you sure you have the latest updates?".

From my standpoint though it's exactly as you say, and extra feature that should be below bug fixing in the priority list.

But codewise it could be done extremely tiny so in that sense it wouldn't hog either space, memory or coding time.
18/05/2002 4:10am
Szymon: I did receive your bug report, it's just I've been working (yay me) the last 3 days. I will look at it soon.
18/05/2002 5:28am
good point Cyco - on the reduction of faulty bug reports.