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08/07/2004 10:59pm
I just found iScribe and will be registering soon if testing goes well. I just had a few questions. Is there a way to see how many messages are in a folder? It shows the total number of unread messages but not the total contained in the folder. Also, what sort of message limits per folder are there? And finally, how would you clean up and wrap quoted text in a reply? iScribe seems like a great program that would be very usefull in a USB flash drive. Thanks all! and have a fine day...

09/07/2004 12:04am
Message Count: Right click on the folder and select properties.

Message Limits: Realisitically if you want access to the messages it's about 1000 per folder, but in the case of the /Spam folder which you hardly ever read it can go up to about 20000 messages. I'm reseaching better file formats for increasing these limits for v2.

Clean Up Wrapping: Basically the only tool is the builtin wrapping that Scribe does when you hit reply. It's not the dumbest wrapping on the block but it's not perfect either.