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Author/Date Windows 10 Task Bar goes to back instead of being on top
29/09/2016 7:40am
I've had this problem since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and across multiple versions. This originally happened on v.2.00 Beta 46. Just updated to v2.1.19 and saw it happen again.

Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.187
Taskbar: Auto-Hide is turned on, task bar is on left hand side of screen

Scribe is set to minimize to the taskbar.

At times, when going to taskbar it appears to not un-hide. When I start minimizing different windows, I can see that it is un-hiding, but is no longer on top, it is under all the other windows on my screen.

Closing Scribe solves the problem. It will then start displaying the behaviour again, at some random time in the future.

Does not appear to be related to showing new email in the taskbar icon right click context menu. (new items are in there and things still function)

I'll do all I can to help you with this.

05/10/2016 7:19am
Any ideas on what I can do to trace down the source of this?

Is it possible there's a WindowState that Scribe is getting into that forces the taskbar to the background?

05/10/2016 8:17am
I'll have a look at this next week. I don't have access to my Windows 10 VM at the moment.
05/10/2016 8:32am
Ok, sounds good. Thanks! Unfortunately it's going to be one of those difficult ones to try and replicate, but I'll try and keep an eye out here for when it starts happening.