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03/07/2004 3:12am

Hi Matt,

When you fix the Bounce button you might consider adding a "redirect" button. That is a button which redirects and e-mail to another user so when that user receives the mesg it looks like it originated from the original sender and not the forwarder. This is a nice feature when sharing e-mails with people since it lets the recepient reply to the original sender with out having to cut and paste the e-mail address from the body of the mesg.

Just a thought.


03/07/2004 5:10am
Fix the bounce feature?

I think what your describing as "redirect" IS the bounce feature.

I'm confused as to exactly what you mean.
04/07/2004 12:07am


When I initially pressed the button nothing happened so I figured the feature hadn't been implemented. Since then I have exited Scribe and restarted the application and the button does indeed do a re-direct. I wasn't sure what the button did since no action was executed when it was depressed.

Anyway, it seems to be working fine now.

As we say here in the US... I have egg on my face...