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14/05/2002 4:20am
"Seeing as liboe is GPL I'm not directly using their code"

Why don't you release Scribe/iScribe as GPL?
You could "make money" releasing Scribe directly
to Scribe customers ("subscribed" users :)
asap (as soon as patched :)
while "old iScribe" users would have to wait (1 month?)
to see the new version publicly downloadable from your site.

p.s. what about my "HTML" post?
14/05/2002 7:00am
Mostly because I don't think people will buy a product that they can download and compile for free. Even if it's not current.

GPL works well for operating systems and serverware but I havn't seen it make money in a graphical end user app yet. And because I can't go back once I make a decision I'm just waiting. It may be that I can't make money from email software and if I give up trying I will open source the client. Remember 50% of "Scribe" is open source, all the underlying GUI libs, mail code, inet code, helper objects and such are all available through LGI. The "application" on top of that mearly uses all the freely available tools I write in a useful fashion. A lot of the smarts are in LGI not Scribe.

As for the HTML view, I havn't forgotten, I've just been busy with paying client work. :) You understand.