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Author/Date Crash: dragging folders from one mail store to another
10/09/2016 10:28pm
Dragging a folder from one mail store to another results in an immediate crash.
I'm sending the crash dump in an email.
11/09/2016 12:12am
On a similar note, the Replicate Mail Stores function crashes. It also crashed in v2.1.13.
Folders inside the Inbox folder do not get copied.
11/09/2016 6:34am
Ok I'll look at this on Monday. It might be related to the work I was doing on fixing the behaviour of mail3->IMAP copies for individual email. Previously if the write failed you'd have no copies of the email. Now it at least waits till the write succeeds before deleting the source email. I suspect that has upset the folder copy code.
16/09/2016 7:49am
I'm re-implementing the underlying replication code used to copy folders to not use threads. This should fix the crash at the cost of tying up the user interface a bit.