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04/09/2016 10:17pm
I don't see any indication that an email has been replied or forwarded.
Have I accidentally disabled this? How do I turn it back on?
This stopped working a few versions ago.
05/09/2016 8:26am
That was fixed in v2.1.14. Sorry I haven't made a release past v2.1.13 for Windows/Mac. Will endeavor to do so ASAP.
21/09/2016 9:33pm
I'm using beta 18 and I'm still not seeing the reply/forward icon in the email list.
Is there any indication of this in the message window?
22/09/2016 7:25am
For a few versions Scribe was failing to apply the reply or forward flag to the source email after sending. So it's not going to appear for existing email that has been replied to or forwarded during the versions where it was broken.

However for new replies and forwards in Beta18 or 19 it should work as it always did. Or at least it IS working for me at the moment. If you create a new reply to an email and send the reply does it not mark the source email in Beta18?
07/10/2016 12:13pm
I was using Beta 19 and new replies and forwards were not being recognized as such with an icon.
14/10/2016 11:42am
Beta 21 also doesn't display a reply or forward icon for me.
When combined with the bug that sent mail goes to the trash, it's hard to tell which email has been replied or forwarded.

Furthermore, in my testing of this functionality, I sent an email to myself and that email is stuck somewhere and periodically resends; i have half a dozen copies of it now.
15/10/2016 6:31pm
Is this for email in a Mail3 folder or an IMAP folder?
15/10/2016 10:24pm
This is a Mail3 folder.
17/10/2016 3:53pm
I've made some more fixes to the code that does the reply/forward marking. There were 2 issues:

1) The imap code doesn't support all the flags natively because of IMAP protocol limitations. The work around being that I store some flags locally in my own metadata.

2) The send code was using the wrong branching logic. So if one email has references to set it would ignore the reply/bounce flag stuff.

Both issues are fixed for the next build.