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16/07/2016 10:07am
I cannot get the spam filter to do anything no matter what setting I use. I have set it to train and rebuilt words list from the filter menu. I have hundreds of spam in the "spam" folder. When I select "filter the current folder" or "filter selected mail" nothing happens. If I select "analyze selected mail" it appears to be working yet the whitelist and statistics are always blank and no mail items are ever moved? I am using i.scribe (free).
20/07/2016 8:18am
"filter the current folder" or "filter selected mail" nothing happens These only run the user defined filters, not the Bayesian filter.

statistics are always blank I haven't checked that they are working correctly in a long time. So they probably broke a while back and I didn't notice. Just ignore for the time being.

no mail items are ever moved? Is there a valid folder path under the "Training mode" option?

Are you using IMAP(full)? There is a current bug when new IMAP mail when selecting a folder for the first time in a session don't get filtered. POP3 mail should always get filtered.

Which build are you using?
23/07/2016 2:38am
The incoming server is POP3.

I was on 2.0 then uninstalled it and am now on 2.1 beta 12-neither worked.

I do have the "training mode" selected and a folder in the box-typed in and selected from list.

I have tried different folder names and making a subfolder of "spam" etc.

The mailstore is ....mail3

Currently, it is on a thumb drive as portable mode but I have installed it in desktop mode on the local machine also.

I have tried "run as admin" and on other machines.