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Author/Date InScribe v2.1 Beta 9 crashes when trying to preview mail
03/06/2016 9:23pm
I sometimes get a random crash when previewing email. In the latest instance, the console displays:
"Image load failed: Stream copy failed.
Image load failed: .\Code\ScribeUtils.cpp:377 - LoadDC(7936d04f.(null)) failed

Image load failed: Stream copy failed."

The console contents after a crash vary, but generally say that an image load failed.

I think this has been an issue in previous versions.
I'll send a screen capture of the console contents.
There also seems to be a crash dump which I will also send.
14/09/2016 7:56am
It's been happening forever -- so long I can't remember (I think Matthew got it fixed in ver 1.x). I've been using 2.0.69; 2.0.74 although supposedly stable was no good for me (don't recall he problems). Preview is important to me because I set a size limit (usually 200K) which prevents most bad stuff out of my inbox. Just installed 2.1.16 but no email now. It did crash but first it kept cycling through checking mail repeatedly (dozen or so and still going) and I had to cancel it (that activity might get me in trouble with my email provider). So still stuck at 2.0.69 unless I give on Scribe. I was reg. user of 1.x, but 2.x never been stable or bug free.
07/11/2016 3:01pm
Version 2.1.25 seems to be stable (finally).
08/11/2016 10:28pm
Spoke to soon; there's another nasty bug with the filter -- stick with the older version.