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Michiel van Es
14/05/2002 3:22am
Is Autocomplete an option for Iscribe?
Imho it is one of the best functions that an email client can have.
So you don't have to type the whole email adres again.

Thanks in advacne for the answer.

14/05/2002 3:49am
What Scribe has for sure is nick'ing. If you have a contact to that e-mail address and a nick assigned, then you don't have to type it all over again - the nick is enough - Scribe gets the rest for you.

As far as I remember v 1.54 had some problems when contacts where grouped and shared same nicks, but dunno what's it like in v1.66.
Michiel van Es
14/05/2002 2:28pm
But why not make it full compatible with Autocomplete instead of a half autocmplete called "nicking"
You still have to type the full nick name and autocomplete would have enough information if you only type the first letter! (if you had only one name which starts with that letter)