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Author/Date Can't import mail from Thunderbird Portable
Rien Post
30/03/2016 11:32pm
Hi. When I try to import my Thunderbird mail into InScribe I get the message "The file C:\Users\(etc)\profile.ini doesn't exist." That's right, it doesn't, because I'm using the portable version of Thunderbird, not the default one. How can I tell InScribe where my mail is and not to look in the default Thunderbird ini location?
Rien Post
01/04/2016 3:14am
Allow me to answer my own question, I found a way to import from Thunderbird Portable. Ignore the Mozilla/Thunderbird option in the Import menu. Instead, select Text -> Unix MBOX. Add the desired Thunderbird Portable mailfolder as the source and enter the Scribe folder where you want to import it to. Works fine, although it's a lot of work if you have many folders to import. So far the only drawback appears to be that attachments are not imported, but if that isn't a problem for you... this works.