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26/05/2004 2:22am
I just upgraded to test 14, and I've noticed that reading from mail folders and/or opening messages is _much_ slower, and there's no longer a progress bar for it either. Is this related to the fix for the 100% cpu usage bug, or something else entirely?
26/05/2004 2:32am
The fix for the hang shouldn't have affected the folder load.

However there are other things I've been doing in the code that might have changed that. I personally havn't noticed any change, but I have a fairly modern machine so it could be something that only obvious on an older machine?

It sounds like the message loop is getting clogged up. That would cause the paint messages for the progress bar to stall and thus not display.

I'm looking for some other bugs in the listing of email at the moment, so I'll keep my eye out ok.
26/05/2004 4:40am
Well, my computer is a 1.4ghz, so it shouldn't really be having any issues like I'm seeing here. It seems to hang for a decent period of time when going to a folder you haven't looked at in a while, or opening a specific message in itself.
26/05/2004 10:09am
I've noticed a significant delay in openning messages with plugins like the gpg and aspell loaded. This is because of loading the image to use on the toolbar. I've rewritten this to load the image once when the plugins load and reuse that image over the lifetime of the application. This speeds up the message window openning a lot. But only when plugins are loaded.
27/05/2004 6:02am
hmm I havent really noticed any delay between test13 and 14 either..
28/05/2004 9:21pm
Win test 14 takes considerably more time to start on my computers (these are pretty recent, 2.66 GHz). It takes a while for folder names and inbox message titles to appear.