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16/02/2016 10:11pm
In earlier versions of iscribe I have an option to password protect my emails. Everytime I run iscribe there was a "password must have". In 2.0.74 there is no option for that. I click right mouse button on folders, click checkbox "User" on Access Permissions, then OK and nothing happened
02/03/2016 7:39am
The older versions did have a password protection functionality. However this wasn't really preventing access to the data, as no actually encryption of the data was taking place. So I felt it was somewhat deceptive to provide that if it didn't indeed make the whole mail store safe from prying eyes.

If any when I do provide proper encryption of the whole mail store I will re-introduce a password. I would like one day to have that functionality but my focus at the moment is on cross platform functionality. Getting all the builds of Scribe to the same level of completeness.

I also need to revisit encrypted email later this year. So at that point storing the email in an encrypted mail store will become more important.