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23/05/2004 7:42am
v1.63 is still the most slickest for win98se.
Especially the resizing, really fast, smooth, no stutter.
What happened after that?

23/05/2004 10:15am
I fixed the charset support. And added some unicode support. So instead of seeing garbage characters you see the correct characters. Sorry but supporting that costs you in performance.
05/06/2006 4:05am
But why did you delete that classic version from your server? I still want to download and try it on my old computer, where unicode's been never used. Please, upload this version once again - there are still some sites linking to it and I can't find it anywhere.
05/06/2006 5:27am
I no longer have that archive around. But if someone finds a copy of it I will re-post it on my site for the rest of time.

In fact if there are versions older than that floating around I'll post them too. I kinda wonder whether anyone ever used v1.00 and v1.05, that'd be fun to check out, just to see how far the software has come in 8 years.
05/06/2006 10:28am
I still had a copy of i.Scribe 1.63 lying around. I've just sent it to you, Matthew. The oldest version I have is 1.62 (both In- and i.Scribe) - oh, and I have 'installed' copy of 1.44 (!) on board. If anyone is interested...
05/06/2006 11:27am
If you can zip up the program parts of v1.44 and send that I'm interested.

Also thanks for v1.63... damn it is fast. Making me wish I hadn't gone all unicode crazy. It loaded 13k of email in one folder without blinking. Try that in v1.89!
05/06/2006 11:30am
Alright here we go:

Anyone got InScribe v1.63?
05/06/2006 12:53pm
InScribe 1.63 coming up, along with i.Scribe 1.44 :-)
06/06/2006 10:23pm
Actually, I found that version at, too :*/
(other versions may be also archived there)
Thank you very much!