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06/05/2004 11:29pm
Estoy usando i.hex para editar el tamaņo de unos archivos para evitar que sea copiado, pero como puedo hacer para que puedan ocupar el espacion de un disco, una vez editado. Para que ese disco no sea copiado.
06/05/2004 11:38pm
I only speak english.. so maybe post a translation?

Babelfish didn't give me enough to go on.
10/05/2004 2:08pm
I am a spaniard and I don't understand that question either.
A rough translation would be something like:
"I'm using i.hex to edit the size of some files so they cannot be copied. What shall I do to make them fill the space on disk once they are edited? So that disk cannot be copied".
(does that make any sense??? not for me!)