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Author/Date couple things
30/04/2004 4:51pm
1. Could you add "copy URL to clipboard" to the options that come up when right-clicking a link in your HTML control for scribe?

2. Is there any way to specify a specific proxy for inscribe's IE-using plugin, and/or will there be for when you make it use Mozilla's core? (Separate from the proxy that our copy of Mozilla or IE themselves may or may not be set to use.)
30/04/2004 6:48pm
1) Yes!

2) No, IE/Mozilla have one global proxy setting.
30/04/2004 6:49pm
PS I tried to give an option in the IE plugin to use the Mozilla renderer but it doesn't work properly and I havn't had time to look at it again.
30/04/2004 11:07pm
Bummer about #2 - I wanted to use the IE plugin in conjunction with Privoxy so I could have better rendering and so I could whitelist specific sites to allow image retrieval from. :(