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Author/Date Save eml attachment?
29/04/2004 12:36pm
If I get an *.eml attached to a mail can I "save" this in InScribe as a mail?

I have (another) problem in InScribe test13 where it hangs and when I try to close it, it asks me if I want to kill the connection. It does not matter what I answer it does not close. After how long time does a connection to a server terminate? (It is probably popfile that makes it hang but it should terminate the connection then, or?)
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29/04/2004 2:10pm
Forget about my first question about eml files. After a restart I saw that my drag and drop atenpts actually worked.
29/04/2004 4:37pm
Pressing kill a second time does something different when the shutdown dialog is on the screen.

The first thing it tries is closing the connection, then it terminates the connection thread the second time around.

Are you using the Win32 version?
30/04/2004 8:02am
Yes I'm using win32 (WinXP pro). (Sorry I forgot to mention that)