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Author/Date Filters not working (test 44)
28/04/2004 2:25am
I've made at least 6 maybe 8 filters and only the first one works.
I've even setup multiple rules for some (TO:/From:/Replyto:/ect.
and the only one that filters is the first one--- looking in the
filters folder the first one is in white the others are grayed.

I've unchecked the box to stop filtering till the last filter
on the list.

Is there an easier way to make a filter? Like a drag & drop
with the right mouse button and holding down another control
key.... maybe CTRL or ALT????
28/04/2004 2:28am
As the (current) help states:

Filters are a feature of the full version, and i.Scribe allows you to try the feature out with one functional filter. Same as the situation with accounts.
01/05/2004 3:45am
Okay! That explains it. I looked in the setting up files not the help files.