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15/04/2004 2:04pm
Twice now, but only twice with i.Scribe V. 1.87 (Test 10 Win 32 Release,) rather than asking for my login password at startup, i.Scribe hangs, telling me it's waiting for my ISP to respond. Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) kills it, with cpu usage at 100%, and a restart of i.Scribe returns things to a normal state.
22/04/2004 6:42am
My i.Scribe also hangs "quite" often when sending mails (60% of the times it hangs). It opens the connection but then nothing happens. When you close it it offers you to Kill the connection or cancel, but pressing KILL doesn't help. After this happens, you have to kill the task because i.Scribe doesn't react anymore.

As stated above this only happens to me when there is something to send, checking emails is no problem at all.

I am using the latest windows build (test 13?)
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P.S: I will enable the debug features to get a log of the mistake and will post it later.
22/04/2004 4:53pm
just for info: I sometimes have the same problems.

22/04/2004 7:19pm
This is the last major bug that I know about, and I'm working on it.