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15/04/2004 1:18am

Hello everyone.

I am trying to install iscribe-linux-v187-test12.tar
on a Fedora Core 1 machine and I get the following error
when I try to run it.

Screen: 1600 x 1200 @ 16 bpp
Crashed instance 4220
i.Scribe v1.87 (Test12, Linux v2.4, Release, Gnome)
Couldn't find the file '' required to run this application

ls -l /lib/ exists. Can't find anything with the lr8 extension.

Can some one enlighten me please?


15/04/2004 1:31am
The code that returns the current executable's path (which is part of Lgi) is returning the path of a library instead.

This is a bug, possibly due to some change in the way fedora structures the /proc directory.

The code gets the current executable path by looking at /proc/[pid]/maps, reads the first 16kb, extracts the text between the first '/' character and the first '\n' after that and returns the file name there.

This is a hack, and it's obviously NOT working on fedora... I guess they changed the map file format. I'll see if I can install fedora and check it out.
15/04/2004 2:18am
I've changed the code a little to try /proc/self/exe first.

Please try this build and let me know how it goes.
15/04/2004 4:16am

That did the trick. Seems to be running fine.