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Author/Date Multiple send bug in 1.87 test 11?
Brian R.
14/04/2004 11:34pm
I've seen an odd behavior in the latest version where sent messages appear to be resent intermittently leaving no record of this activity in the sent folder or outbox. This seems to happen shortly after checking a mailbox for new messages and has not occurred since shutting off automated updating. So far the worst I've seen is resending of a message 4 times over 8 hours. Any ideas?
14/04/2004 11:42pm
There is bug currently under investigation where the send fails and Scribe leaves the message in the Outbox, yet the server does actually deliver it. Or sometimes not.

I'm getting feedback from a special build of Scribe from a user seeing this problem and I should have a fix for that at least sometime soon.

However I'm not 100% sure thats what your seeing. One thing you can do is turn on 'Scribe.txt' logging in the debug options and send my your Scribe.txt file after seeing the problem. It might be able to tell me whether it's the same problem as I'm already seeing or something separate.
Brian R.
19/04/2004 3:00pm
I've sent you the log file collected during a time period where multiple sends occurred. The messages which were sent & resent were also included in case the header information is of any use. Good luck!
19/04/2004 8:24pm
What version are you running?
Brian R.
19/04/2004 11:38pm
Version 1.87 Test 11
Brian R.
19/04/2004 11:40pm
Sorry, forgot to mention that it's the Windows flavour...
19/04/2004 11:52pm
I think my filters were a little too zealous and deleted the mails you sent me because they had zip attachments. I've since removed that filter. :(

Brian R.
20/04/2004 11:40pm
If you need the information resent let me know. I couldn't send the attachments out through our corporate firewall without putting them into a zip file!
Brian R.
29/04/2004 4:08pm
1.87 test 13 seems to have fixed this problem; no more repeats seen yet.