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Author/Date Original header in reply, forward
28/03/2002 10:05am
Is there a setting to have the basic header info (To, From, Date, Subject) before the body of a reply or forward?
28/03/2002 6:34pm
Is this header info available to read somewhere even? Not just the "From" etc but the real deal, with ALL the info?
29/03/2002 8:43am
All the info (and more) is in there when you click on the Internet Header Tab in an open email from your Inbox. The part I'm interested in carrying forward to mail I reply or forward to is near the bottom.
30/03/2002 11:37am
Ahhh! I had missed that tab completely, been missing that info for sometime, don't know how I could miss it (contains everything I needed).
01/04/2002 3:37am
Yeah, I cold use some basic header too.
The availability of full header is great, but it's quite difficult to read. On the other hand the message view displays the basic information but... incomplete.
The Date is missing. It's in the mailbox list view, but it would also be useful here.