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11/04/2004 10:31am
i just try it out and would suggest few things:
- automatically add user to address book when reply
- automatically white-listed everyone in the address book

11/04/2004 10:59am
one more thing:
make it a truly portable mail system.
with a palm/pocketpc/zaurus version

i want it this way:
- i put iscribe (all version) on a sdcard
- i carry iscribe (and all my email) everywhere
- i put into my palm/pocketpc/zaurus, i have access to my email (read/send/download/etc)
- i put into my notebook card reader, i have access to my email
- i put into my linux server, i have access to my email.

how wonderfull it would be.


if you dont want to code for pocketpc,
see nPOP
if your iscribe write the same email format,
both can work together...

there maybe other mail client in palm/ppc/zaurus that
can be make to work with iscribe in a harmony...

i wish...

12/04/2004 8:06pm
I'm not planning on supporting any more platforms than I already do. Your ideas about the address book are good though. I already plan to implement them.
14/04/2004 8:20am
you dont need to code for pocketpc version.
because, npop is opensource.
just make few changes to the code to make both mail programs
read/write to the same mailbox file.

also, one important thing for a real mobile mail.
please have all email file compressed (gzip/bz2)
so we can make use of more space...
14/04/2004 8:34am
The mail box format is non-trivial. I don't have enough time to work on my own projects let alone others (I don't get paid enough through online sales to do this full time). And I don't like adding dependencies to my software (like a compression DLL) that adds to the download weight and runtime size.

14/04/2004 8:43am
another one:
a built-in smtp engine.

because, while i carry my mobile mail and connect
at a cyber cafe or a wifi hotspot,
i cannot tell what smtp to use.

then, i cannot send email there...
14/04/2004 8:47am
if you managed to setup a true mobile mail,
i think you can sell them to a lot of flash disk brands
to be included in the flashdisk they manufacture.
(some brands already include similar prog called flashmail)

14/04/2004 9:11am
built in smtp: great idea. But one I've already had. Unfortunately my ISP blocks the SMTP port outgoing at the moment so I couldn't test it if I wrote it. So I'm just ignoring it and working on bugs I already know about.

flash mail: Nice idea... I'll have to think about it. Maybe contact some manufacturers of flash.
14/04/2004 9:50am
i can resell this to some flash manufacturer,
if you can provide an oem version.
14/04/2004 9:52am
i can help you test the smtp function if you wish...
i believe many others also can do the same.
03/05/2004 5:59am
Hmm, Aussie ISP blocking SMTP - sounds like optus to me.
If it is you can get this block removed easily:
03/05/2004 6:05am
dvgb: Sweet! That was easy.

Well I'm too busy at the moment but now I can look at this when I get the chance.